1. Muldahara (Root) Chakra Aromatherapy Candle


Ingredients: Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora), Cypress (Cupresses Sempervirens) and Ceaderwood (Cedrus atlantica) essential oils.


Why you might want to balance this chakra?

  • Head up in the clouds
  • Dreamy, but take no action
  • Moving home, changing career path
  • Financial concerns
  • Adjusting to extended family
  • Living a nomadic lifestyle/ move and/or travel often
  • Need to feel safe

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The muldahara chakra is said to sit at the seat of the spine, debatably the coccyk or the perineum, and is strongly associated with grounding. This blend has been created from the essential oils of various trees because the trees mirror the need for support and strong roots.

The Muldhara governs our survival instincts; fight or flight. It is also where our relationship to our physical body lies, how we groom ourselves, take care of our bodies and explore our sensual desires.  The muldhara is able to thrive when our material needs have been met, allowing other aspects of the personality to develop.

Using the power of aromatherapy, use this oil to encourage feelings of safety, financial stability and comfort.


  • Upcycled glass jar
  • Hand painted and hand poured
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sustainable soya wax and pure essential oils
  • Vegan friendly


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*Please note there may be slight variations in the colour and design of the candle you receive compared to the photographs.




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