Essential Oils A-Z



The name Basil originality comes from Greece, meaning ‘King’, and has a variety of uses. Aids digestion by removing gas.



Bergamot is a anti bacterial



Known as the essential oil of ‘letting go’, Cypress is an astringent able to contract skin tissue and is useful for anything to do with releasing fluid from biological tissue. It can used diluted on the skin, for bruising, helping urine flow, heavy menestral bleeding, varioise veins as as a facial toner for tightening the skin.




An anti bacterial and rids the air of bacteria. The scent is warming, comforting and helps reduce unhealthy cravings and stimulate brain activity.


Cedarwood Atlas

Cedarwood is used for building things like ships and furniture and is symbolic for its strength. It is a grounding scent wahich promotes the feeling of community while still able to maintain boundries.


Clary sage

Clary Sage is known to be both euphoric and an antidepressant. It helps ease anxiety and calm the nervous system,



An essential oil that should be in every household, Lavender is a safe all rounder able to be used for almost anything. it is able to create a mild sedative affect





Frankinscence is able to create a safe and comforting environment and is often used to aid in spiritual experiences like meditation and prayer.



Orange is a happy scent, uplifting and energising and helps boost the immune system.



Patchouli’s earthy scent helps us balance out unwanted emotions.



Peppermint is also energy booster, helping to both suppress unhealthy cravings and stimulate concentration, while it is also useful for unblocking the airways and promotes healthy breathing.


Pine needle

Pine Needle is useful for decongestion of the lungs, helping to ease breathing and also a great stress reliever.




Rose Geranium

 Rose Geranium (sometimes known as the ‘woman’s oil’ is useful for hormonal balancing, PMS and menopause and its scent is relaxing and calming


Ylang Ylang

The name Ylang ylang come from the Talagog ‘ilang’ meaning ‘wilderness’. It has a strong effect on the nervous system by lowering blood pressure.