The Chakra Collection

Aromatherapy Candles, Essential Oils and Meditation

The chakra colletion was designed with beauty and growth in mind. Each candle is hand painted with intent,  made with an individual blend, while the symbols help us intergrate the purpose of the oils into our consciousness. The vibrations of the colours and symbols stimulate our subconscious mind into alignment with each of the chakras taking you on an individual journey of sensuality and healing.

Every glass jar and bottle is hand painted and then baked in the oven for maximum paint stay, so that they can be reused again and again. Every item comes with a detailed description of the specified chakra and essential oils within, along with a meditation to support you on your journey.

All our candles are made from sustainable soya wax and blended with a generous amount of essentials oils.


If you wish to create a blend which is unquie to your senses, please get in touch for personalised service.

FREE DELIVERY when you spend £50 or more