Kairos is a greek word, the opposite of Chronos ane and can be translated to mean ‘The oppotune moment”. Kairos reminds us that there is always magic present in our lives

Self taught (and ever learning) all there is to know about plant life and its medicinal uses, KairosMoon bloomed out of a desire to share the natural benefits of essential oils in a sustainable, beautiful and easy to use at home kind of way.

All glass is beautifully hand painted to encourage reuse and each blend is accompanied by the recipe so that customers are able to recreate blends themselves and reuse the bottles over and over again.



I don’t claim to be anything but a student of plants, who believes (if even by blind faith) in the power plants for medicinal purposes.

I seek out pure essential oils as ethically, responsibility and naturally sourced as I can access.

I hand paint glass bottles andm bottles the oils. I don’t make profit on the oils themselves, just the labour I put into painting.

I whole heartedly believe in spreading the joys and benefits of plant life and do this as an active rebellion against the pharmaceutical industry.

I use the website as a place to share my learning, but I always encourage people to check the sources and also do their own research. I don’t claim to be an expert but I would like to be at some point in the future.