The Saharara chakra is said to sit just above our head, like a crown. It connects us to higher consciousness, breaking the limitations of the material word and connecting us to spirit. It connects to the Muldhara (root) chakra creating a loop of energy throughout the body.

In enlightenment, it becomes impossible to separate from anything or anyone in existence and it brings about the understanding that everything is connected with acknowledgement of light and dark. It is where we know ourselves, what brings us to live in the present moment and allows us to live mindfully.

The crown has the potential to become over active and as with all chakras, it is possible to loose balance. Sometimes its subtle and sometimes its a little more obvious.

Here are some signs of an over active Saharara (crown) chakra, and simplified remedies to promote balance.


Hyper spirituality

Delving into other forms of consciousness can take you away from the here and now and make you forget your worldly responsibilities; you to do things like forget to wash your clothes, cook for yourself or wash your body. Unless you are or plan to become a monk or a nun, too much meditation can become problematic. This is mostly due to the difficulty of ‘coming back to earth’ and re assimilating back into the the world. A meditation state can create a safe and quiet environment and when in this state for too long it can become difficult to go outside and socialise again. You can see this in monks and nuns who later decide to leave the monastery life. It is important to remember to clean and fuel the body and spend as much time out in the world as you would alone in the world of meditation. Its important to develop, grow and build a personality. It is true that the self is ever changing, that all things are constantly in a state of movement, but in order to remain human, there has to be some stagnation, otherwise matter would not be able to form and our world would not exist. It is recommended to practice meditation with a experienced teacher; having someone to bounce of is a way of maintaining a healthy mind.

Feeling disconnected from the body, trapped in a human body, not feeling human

Too much meditation and/or thought can cause us to loose touch with material reality and can make us feel disconnected from the body. While it useful to meditate, it can sometimes make it difficult to see the value in the material world. This trapped state can also stop us from interacting with the world. Feeling trapped in the human body is actually a cry for freedom; it is the need for liberation and driven by a desire to escape the material world.  In extreme cases, people take their own lives because they believe it will liberate them from this world. This obsession with the exploration of consciousness can make it difficult to enjoy what the material world has to offer. Talk to someone about it.


Change your meditation

Meditations which focus on rooting ourselves to the earth can be of benefit. It would help to do some work with the Muldhara (root) chakra. Spending time in nature and mindfully completing house hold tasks can also help bring a person ‘back to earth’. Its also useful to begin limiting (if only temporarily) meditation in and on the spirit world. Instead, meditate on the feeling sensations with the body; listen to your breathing, your heart beat, the sensations that move through the body, blood pumping and subtle changes in temperature. Focusing on the body will help you become more aware of yourself again and connect you with your human self.


Problems with boundries

When we begin to awaken to the connectedness of the universe, everything is wonderful and the space between us and all that exists seems to disappear. With this focus on connectedness, it becomes possible to loose a sense of personal boundries. Think of the effect of an ecstasy pill, but in a non party setting. Everyone is your best friend and you can connect with any stranger. With the loss of ego, it becomes easy for others to invite themselves into our lives, especially others who are seeking healing. This is due to the outward glow of light that radiates when connected to the crown chakra. The ability to see the divinity (or soul) in every being can misdirect any alerts of danger. It often means not knowing when to say no and being open to many possibilities. While it is beneficial to have an open mind, it can mean being dragged in multiple directions. A lack of focus develops. It helps to put aside time to reflect on your values and principles and make note of your boundries; what behaviour you are and are not willing to accept.


Problems setting goals and sicking to them

There can be problems setting goals because of the need to seek connection in every domain of life. Many artists and musicians have very open crown chakras and often travel frequently, finding themselves falling in love on a daily basis, but those out of balance are unable to sustain any of theses relationships. Due to the limitless possibilities and endless exploration into what meaning life holds, an over active Saharara often finds it difficult to choose any one goal or path and stick with it. The problem with theover active crown is the grand ideas that lack attention to detail. Its a time to realise that limitless potential and create something from it. Like with all things, it comes with practice. What natural talents do you have? It helps to set small goals that are achievable on a day to day basis. It makes it so there are things to feel proud of every day.


Loss of connection with family members and friends

The loss of direction can create breakdowns in close relationships with family and friends. With this new found sense of awareness, loving strangers can be easier than the people you already know. There can be feelings of people holding you back and feelings of those close to you living in ignorance and not being able to see the ‘truth’. This can create feelings of superiority and godliness, which although based on a truth can actually cause separateness. While there are of course toxic relationships, sometimes it can push away people who genuinely care for your wellbeing. With all grand schemes and ideas, talking but not taking action can lead to the people around you loosing trust in your word, and it can take some time to gain that trust back. Those who truly love and care for you will exercise patience if you manage to locate the truth of your struggle and share it with them.


Loss of value in material pursuits

There must be more meaning to life, a sudden desire to teach and preach, to be more than a person who lives to work. Why can’t everyone work in harmony with one another? An over active Saharara looses interest in ambition and goal setting.  There is no desire to be a part of the ‘rat race’. We don’t all share the same reasons for ‘being here’, but eventually you will come to understand that life is for living, to be experienced and enjoyed and within this enjoyment, there is also desire; something that you desire and something you wish to create and enjoy creating.


Hallucinations, vivid dreaming, visions and nightmares

Since the crown chakra connects us to higher consciousness, it is no surprise that vivid dreaming comes along as part of the package, but it should not disturb your waking life – it should guide it. It helps to learn on how to interpret and decipher messages from dreams (and meditation) and distinguish whether or not they have purpose or carry messages in to waking life. If there is no purpose for them, then experience it and let it go.  Vivid dreams are only a problem when they begin to interfere with our lives in a negative way. Otherwise, learning how to navigate the dream world can be a very rewarding practice. **

Unfortunately, some people will experience these visions and dreams in the form of nightmares and paranoia. This is the fear within themselves that has not yet made itself known and needs to be further explored to find solutions. (Expect an article on this). Being able to wake up and ‘let go’ of dreams helps you become more grounded and tap into intuition without getting overly lost on another dimensional plane. It helps to keep a dream journal next to your bed (or to carry around) so that you can ‘let go’ and live the day without disturbances from the dream world, and when you have time you can revisit and explore your notes.

** Each person has their own dream world and we do not all possess the same gifts, though we are each able to train them, so you should seek out knowledge from those with more experience than you in your area of intrest.

The Siddhis are esoteric powers that can be acquired in human life and are discussed in various yogic texts. They are something for the ego to be proud of having attained and if trained properly can offer a person tremendous gifts; but it is not to be taken lightly, because yes, with great power comes great responsibility.


Over positivity and optimism

There appears to be a disconnect with some of of the darker emotions like anger and sadness. The new age movement focuses a lot on positive thinking and it can take away the acceptance of the shadow parts of our nature. Its important to have a positive mental attitude, but it also helps to to be able to take a realistic look at the world. The pain experienced can sometimes be difficult to deal with, to the point of absolute denial. This will not help with the healing process.


There has to be a balance, and you have to seek it out for yourself.