Searching for the perfect Hemp wick

I’m currently looking for a UK supplier for hemp wick. Unfortunately it seems to be a difficult thing to find. Hemp is a fast growing plant and easily renewable, known to be good for the environment and causing little if no harm to cultivate.

I currently use CB – 135 NGI elements Soya wax, certified to be sustainably sourced and I center them with cotton wicks. Though soya wax burns smokeless and clean, I find that cotton wick can sometimes create a bit of a foul smell and black smoke once you blow the candles out, and I can’t really say that’s a good thing. It makes me think of what it would be like to set one of my cotton vest alight. Hemp, on the other hand, produces a soft slow burning glow when its on fire and doesn’t leave any residue soot.


Most UK suppliers coat their hemp wick in Beeswax and as a vegan and someone who honestly is not sure about the impact of beeswax on the ecosystem, I rather not touch it, especially catering to a largely sustainably aware community.

I’ve managed to find a person who sells hemp twine so I’m going to experiment with waxing the wicks myself, using soya wax. I’m hoping to see some positive results from using hemp to wick soya wax aromatherapy candles, which also means no more need for the use of cotton.

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